As the facility manager of a tennis club, you are expected to oversee the maintenance of tennis courts. In this regard, significant effort goes towards procuring the right supplies. A critical task that helps maintain the condition of a tennis court's surface is sweeping. Regular sweeping removes debris from a tennis court, preventing issues such as staining and fibre damage. However, you need a quality broom for the task, and a millet broom checks all the boxes. Made from millet grass, a millet broom performs exceptionally well on all types of tennis court surfaces. That said, you must consider a few aspects when buying a millet broom

Number of Ties 

During production, a bunch of millet grass fibres are tied together to hold the bristles for efficient sweeping. Some brooms have one or two tie lines, while others have up to four. Notably, the number of tie lines determines usage and longevity. For instance, if you plan to sweep an asphalt tennis court, you need a broom with many tie lines. The reason is that asphalt surfaces are relatively rough and tend to hold on to broom bristles. On the other hand, if you use a millet broom with few tie lines, the fibres tend to wear fast. Therefore, you need a millet broom with more tie lines to tighten the bristles and reduce the rate of wear. Similarly, a millet broom with few tie lines is suitable for clay or grass courts since the surfaces are soft and gentle on the bristles.

Type of Brackets 

The primary function of a millet broom's bracket is to hold the fibres to the cane. Some brackets are metallic, while others are made of plastic. It is an essential consideration because the type of bracket determines a broom's durability and hardiness. For instance, if a tennis club has two or three courts, you can buy a millet broom with a plastic or wooden bracket. The reason is that sweeping a few courts is easier using a broom with plastic brackets. However, it is very different when talking about ten courts or more. While you can buy several brooms for each court, you can save money by purchasing a millet broom with metal brackets. Notably, metallic brackets are durable, and you can easily use one broom on more than one court.

Handle Size 

The length and circumference of a handle matter a great deal when choosing a tennis court millet broom. A millet broom with a thick handle poses no issues when sweeping a few courts. However, since a thick handle is heavy, it takes a toll on your shoulders and back when cleaning several courts. Besides, you should match a handle's length to an employee's height for health reasons. Tall cleaners should use millet brooms with long canes, while shorter employees should use short brooms.