If you are in the manufacturing business, your shipping logistics are vital for the success of your operations. Not only should you ensure that the manufactured goods get to your customers in good time but you also need to make sure that they arrive in optimum condition or you will be making considerable losses with each shipment. And both these factors are dependent on the packaging supplies that your employ.

While you have a vast array of solutions ranging from cardboard boxes to plastic pallets, one material that has stood the test of time is wooden boxes. Although some people can attribute this popularity to timber being a traditional solution, the reality is that these boxes are exceptionally suited for transportation and shipping purposes. Keep reading for the advantages that wooden boxes lend to freight applications.

Wooden boxes are robust

When transporting goods over long distances, whether by road, sea or even air, you need to take measures to ensure that your goods do not acquire undue defects along the way. As a result, most industrialists will utilise filler material such as bubble wrap to protect their items from breakage. However, these filler products are only as functional as the primary packaging that they are utilised in tandem with. For example, if you wrap glass products in bubble wrap then place these items in cardboard boxes, the boxes can topple over and the products inside them will acquire damage regardless.

This is not an issue that wooden boxes pose. These boxes are inherently strong and this contributes to their enhanced stability. Thus, as long as they are balanced well, there should be no risk of the boxes falling over. This robustness is also applicable for stacking, as the wooden boxes can be arranged atop each other without risking any damage to the products below!

Wooden boxes are convenient

Running an industrial business is arduous. With all the decisions that you have to make daily, it is only fair that your freight needs can be simplified as much as possible. And the best way to do this is by investing in wooden boxes for the transportation of your products. To begin with, wooden boxes are easily customisable to suit any product. Hence, if your product line comprises vastly different goods and they all need to be shipped, you can easily order wooden boxes in varying sizes so that all your needs are accommodated. Moreover, this customisation is not expensive, so you can rest assured that your acquisition costs will not be inflated.

Secondly, wooden boxes are easily repairable. When utilising plastic pallets, any cracks or other forms of physical damage will mandate replacement of the entire pallet, but this is not the case with the wooden variety. Instead, the damaged areas can be easily replaced, restoring the functionality of the box and making it a convenient solution.