Do you need a car elevator? Car elevators are an instant solution for homeowners and showroom owners who have inadequate parking space. The equipment elevates your vehicle, thus allowing you to park another car beneath it. Alternatively, you could use the space as a home garage, temporary storage space, or an office. So, how do you purchase a car elevator? Below is a quick guide. 


As a rule, the car elevator should be manufactured by a company experienced in making car elevators. Conduct some internet research to determine the durability of various brands. As a rule, you should not purchase elevators that develop defects after a few months of purchase. Check the manufacturer warranty. It might guarantee free repairs if the equipment becomes defective after purchase. Additionally, the manufacturer should provide support services such as free shipping, installation and car elevator maintenance. 

Size, Height and Weight Limits

Check the dimension of the car elevator. Typically, the platform should be larger than your car. Car elevators installed in showrooms and public parking spaces should accommodate a wide range of vehicles. Examine your vehicle's tare weight to know how much weight the elevator should support. How high do you want to lift your car? Car elevators with long posts enable you to park all kinds of vehicles beneath the platform.  

Safety Features

The car elevator should have adequate safety features. They include; 

  • Safety locks to restrain the elevator as you raise your vehicle. It helps prevent the system from collapsing or free-fall as use the lift.
  • Automatic stops to prevent your vehicle from rolling over when on the platform.
  • A safety cable to prevent the platform from collapsing if suspension components become dysfunctional.

Ideally, the car elevator should have a backup power source that kicks in when you have no power. 

Installing Car Lifts 

The car lift should be installed by an experienced and qualified professional. DIY enthusiasts might want to install car lifts by themselves. However, small oversights could lead to severe accidents and injuries. Besides, it could void your warranty. 

Remember to observe safety as you use the equipment. For instance, you should not exceed the elevator's weight limits. If you intend to install the elevator in a public parking space, employ trained staff to operate the elevator. Remember, not all customers can operate the elevator. The operator manual should contain detailed elevator operation and safety instructions. Read these instructions to prevent elevator related accidents. 

When buying a car elevator or car lift, examine the manufacturer, the size, height and weight limits, and the elevator's safety features. Besides, observe the recommended safety and installation tips.