Most processing operations require adding liquids in doses. A chemical metering pump is a machine that delivers the exact flow needed for each stage. If you plan to use a chemical dosing pump in your processing plant, ensure you get the right one for your chemical process.

With the diverse varieties available, choosing a suitable chemical metering pump is not easy. Below are some important things to keep in mind before getting a chemical metering pump.

The Capacity

Your application's discharge pressure and flow rate are two important factors that determine your chemical pump's capacity. Getting an oversized pump will result in high energy consumption levels when the machine is working.

Therefore, your company's metering pump should provide the right level of fluid pressure and flow rate. The ideal machine should provide around 85% of the total capacity needed. That way, it will reserve the excess capacity and use it where regular application requirements are exceeded.

Material Composition

Most industries use abrasive materials and corrosive chemicals. Therefore, it is best to get a metering pump composed of heavy-duty parts. Understanding the chemicals used in the processes will ensure you get a pump with the ideal material components. The market offers a wide range of pumps made of different materials. Therefore, you are sure to get one that is suitable for your application.

Some chemicals will quickly melt plastic, so processes using such compounds require a stainless steel pump. Therefore, ensure you analyse each step and note down every chemical used.

Leak Protection

The best metering pump comes with a unit that lets you know when there are leaks. These kinds of pumps help prevent unintentional fluid discharge. Therefore, look for a pump that sounds an alarm when it senses leaks in various parts. That way, you can repair the issue immediately before it interferes with the outcome.

Connected Accessories

A metering pump doesn't work alone but is part of a bigger system. Therefore, the only way it can inject the right chemical amounts is by ensuring the other components you choose are efficient for the process.  

Your supplier can help you choose the right accessories, depending on your pump size. Therefore, it is best to purchase the pump and its accessories from the same supplier.

Consider the factors listed above when choosing a chemical dosing pump. If you are not confident about picking the right metering pump based on these factors, get help from experts. They know all the important factors to check when choosing a chemical metering pump.

To learn more, contact a chemical metering pump supplier.