As a self-employed welder, you might try to look for new ways to branch out in your welding business and services. Welders can offer their services to several contractors, but you may not think about offering your services to private individuals. For example, tiny home builders may not have the experience to handle welding tasks they need in their tiny home plan. You can help with those services. Here are three of the services welders can offer to tiny home builders that you may want to consider.

Rolling Drawers and Storage

One of the key aspects of a tiny home is creating storage and using space as effectively as possible. A way this can be done is through creating and welding rolling drawers and storage areas under steps and cabinets and in corners. The small space of a tiny home means that using traditional pre-welded options may not work. Welders can offer their services to create the drawers and hidden storage that needed for clothing, charging cords and other items that are used on a routine basis.

Kitchen and Bathroom Sinks

Traditional sinks will be too large for most tiny homes. This means, in some cases, that the tiny home builder will go with a non-traditional option for a sink. Welders can step in and offer their services to create a sink for both the bathroom and kitchen. They can make sure the sink fits the space and is created to have traditional plumbing placed into the sink directly. Special sink accessories, such as soap pumps, can also be added by a skilled welder.

Drainage Pipes

Drainage pipes are a difficult aspect of the tiny home building process. Keep in mind that most tiny homes are mobile. This means that the drainage pipes need to connect to a collection container of some kind. Also, tiny homes may have smaller spaces for pipes to run easily. A welder can step in and offer services to cut pipes, fit the plumbing for the area and create proper drainage. These are services that may not be readily available to the tiny home builder, along with the parts and equipment needed to create the necessary parts required.

These are only three of the most common services that tiny home builders will need where welding is concerned. If you think offering these services will help increase your welding business, consider reaching out in the tiny home and van-conversion communities.