There are several signs which can indicate that you may need to invest in an air cannon for your facility. Carry on reading to learn what these signs are.

1. Blockages occur in your facility's conveyor chutes on a daily basis

It is fairly normal for conveyor chutes that are used to transport fragmented materials in an industrial facility to become blocked on occasion. However, if you find that your facility's chutes are blocked up on a daily basis, then it might be time to buy an air cannon. The reason for this is as follows; if one or more of your employees have to step away from their assigned tasks every day, in order to deal with a chute blockage, then this could, over time, affect your industrial enterprise's productivity levels.

Unblocking a chute can take quite a while, especially in instances where the blockage is located in a hard-to-reach area of the conveyor system. Additionally, the physical exertion that your employees have to endure each time they perform this task may affect their ability to work quickly and efficiently when they eventually return to their previous activities, as they may simply be too tired to work at their normal pace. This, in turn, may result in them failing to meet deadlines.

As such, if chute blockages have become a daily occurrence at your facility, it is best to purchase a high-quality air cannon. This piece of equipment can remove almost all types of blockages, using just air, meaning that when a blockage occurs, your employees will not need to waste their time and physical energy taking care of it.

2. One of your employees has been injured as a result of trying to unblock a conveyor chute

As mentioned above, dealing with a blocked-up conveyor chute can be a very physically demanding process. As such, it can sometimes result in those involved sustaining injuries. Employees who are tasked with dislodging a blockage could potentially be hurt by the materials they are removing from the chute (if these materials are poisonous, for example) and could also be injured as a result of falling out of the chute if the chute in question is elevated.

If one or more of your employees has already been injured as a result of tackling a chute blockage, then it's worth buying an air cannon. Having a piece of equipment like this, which can resolve a large blockage without the need for employee involvement, will help to keep your workforce safe. It will also reduce the amount of money you lose as a result of employees taking sick days to recover from work-related injuries.

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