Ductless air conditioners are getting more popular almost every day. You can put in a single ductless unit in a home addition, an attic, a basement or similar spaces, but you can also put ductless units in large commercial buildings or apartment blocks. Wondering if you should invest in a ductless air conditioner? Here are five signs you should consider it as you look at air conditioning options.

You Don't Want to Install Ductwork

If you're working on a new building or if you're trying to add air conditioning to a building that doesn't currently have ductwork, that is probably the biggest reason you may want to consider a ductless system. These air conditioners don't need ducts. Instead, you put in individual air handling units, and these attach to an outdoor unit with flexible tubing that carries coolant to the indoor units and takes away moisture created by condensation.

Adding these tubes is much less invasive and time consuming than putting in ductwork. Generally, the installation crew just needs to put very small holes in the wall to fit in the tubing.

You're Trying to Improve Indoor Air Quality

By getting rid of the ducts, you eliminate the inefficiency that occurs when cold air seeps out of the sides of the ducts, but you also improve your indoor air quality. That's why some people put in ductless air conditioners even if they already have ductwork in place.

Ducts harbour dust, and if rodents or insects get into the ducts, they can leave waste or even their dead carcases in there. When the air conditioner blows cool air through the ducts, the air runs over those allergens and carries some of them into the air. With a ductless system, you don't have to worry about that, and you can add filters to the indoor air handling units to improve air quality even more.

You Want Something Better Than a Window Unit

That said, you can also avoid ducts by putting in a window air conditioning unit. These units can be useful in a variety of situations, but they block your window. They also aren't that efficient, and they may not cool your whole space. In contrast, with ductless air conditioning, you can put in multiple indoor units to ensure that you have the exact right amount of cooling for your space. Additionally, ductless units come in a range of designs, and they tend to be small and relatively discrete, unlike bulky window units.

To learn more and decide which cooling option is best for your situation, contact an air conditioning specialist directly.