When you are planning a seasonal attraction, one of the main issues is the lighting. Each of these seasonal events has different lighting needs, but the basic setup is the same. To handle the lighting for these, and similar attractions, you will need transformers. Here are three things to know about lighting and the use of transformers to assist in that lighting.

Low Voltage Transformers

The first thing you will want to consider about lighting for your seasonal attraction is the voltage. One way you can supply power to outdoor lights, recessed lighting and multiple lighting strands is to change the voltage in the building or area. This is done using a low-voltage transformer. These transformers can be attached to current building structures and will help lower the voltage from over 100 volts to less than 50. The low-voltage transformers can be put in place and removed later if necessary, or they can be kept in place if the building will be used for different seasonal events or attractions.

Wattage Levels

If you do choose to go with a low-voltage transformer, you will find there are several options available to you. The wattages for each transformer can be set or ranged up to a specific amount. For example, you can find transformers that range up to 200 watts and are made for landscaping lights. You can also find transformers that are 125 watts or lower and are also made for landscaping lights or patio outdoor lights. Make sure you have an electrician give you an idea of the wattage levels you need for your attraction and use those as a guide of wattage range for the low-voltage transformer you buy.

Transformer Cases

Since you will be using the transformers outdoors in various weather conditions, you will need to consider the transformer case or enclosure. You need one that is waterproof and sealed against heavy rains or snow. Keep in mind that snow is an issue as well, as it can freeze the transformer or crack the transformer base if it freezes. An enclosure will prevent this from happening. You also may buy a transformer that has a cheap enclosure. If this is the case, consider buying a larger enclosure that will cover the transformer.

These are just three of the considerations to take into account regarding transformers for your seasonal attraction lighting. If you are ready to get started, contact your area electrician. They can give you an evaluation and consultation. They can also answer any questions you have.