Whether you're celebrating a milestone birthday, a wedding, a new year or some other significant event, an outdoor party is one of the best ways to celebrate with a large group of people. As an ideal party form for people who have a large backyard or paddock and want to keep the mess out of their homes, large parties are an uncommon event for many people. Due to this, many have difficulty planning such a party. What exactly should you remember to include in your large outdoor party?


No one likes wandering around in the dark at the start of a party, trying to get to know people without being able to see their face. So if you plan on hosting a paddock party, for example, remember to borrow or hire a few floodlights or other bright light sources before it's the night of the party, the stores are closed, and you realise no one can see a thing.

A Bonfire

Another good way to brighten up a party is to make a bonfire. Great for keeping people warm during a cold winter, while also providing the opportunity to roast some marshmallows, a bonfire can also be used as an excuse to host a party if you're in a bit of a boring patch of the year and have some scrap wood to burn. 

Portable Toilets

Particularly useful in paddock parties, portable toilet hire is will be much-appreciated by your guests. Even if your party is close to a house, you don't want people with dirty shoes walking in and out of your home every few hours. Plus, modern toilet hire options have come a long way in the last few decades, so don't worry about the portable toilet causing a stink to engulf your gathering!

Eskies for Drinks

If you're without some type of outdoor fridge, a drinks esky is a must-have, unless you like warm beer! Ice is still very cheap from your local petrol station and will save you from having to clean dirty footprints going in and out of your house to the fridge the next day. And don't forget to have a water esky to keep your guest hydrated.

Communal Bug Spray

No one likes being stuck outside with no bug spray, and with many Australians rarely going outside during the night for extended periods of time these days, people often forget to bring their own. So, unless you want bug-bitten guests leaving your party by dusk, you should probably buy a couple bottles of insect repellent.