If you have a busy commercial operation, you need to ensure that you manage the working environment as carefully as possible, so that you comply with regulations, keep your staff happy and meet productivity targets. You may be so busy, in fact, that you are about to undergo a considerable expansion and may be introducing extra equipment and facilities. As you go ahead, however, remember to upgrade your support equipment as necessary, especially the all-important air conditioning system. Why should you pay more attention here?

1. Excess Wear and Tear

In an environment like this, temperatures can rise very quickly due to the heat generated by machinery and close working conditions. Consequently, an air conditioning system may be working around the clock and year-round, so it will be under more pressure than a typical, residential installation.

2. Straining the System

Your workers may find that they are dealing with higher temperatures when you introduce this new equipment and they may be tempted to alter the thermostat in order to cope with it. While this may present short-term relief, it will put a significant strain on the "old" system, leading to higher wear and tear, an elevated utility bill and the risk of outright failure.

3. Extra Maintenance

You can expect that dirt, bacteria, mould and pollen will build up more quickly if there is more activity in the area and you should clean vents and filters more often than before. Get used to the idea of changing filters every few weeks in the summer months or when productivity is at its highest and vents must be cleaned regularly as well, to maintain peak airflow.

4. Signs of an Issue

Make sure that the condensing unit is able to "breathe" properly. Space can be at a premium especially when you expand, and other furniture may get in the way, blocking this unit and hampering its efficiency.

You may get a warning that all is not well if the system appears to be straining at the seams. When was the last time that you checked the freon level? If levels are low this can be an indication that the older unit is not able to cope anymore.

Time for an Upgrade?

It's easy to overlook the air conditioning system as it is something that is readily taken for granted. Yet in a commercial environment a poorly functioning unit can significantly hamper productivity and ultimate performance.

You may need to upgrade your system or even replace it to cope with your latest expansion. Make sure you talk with commercial air conditioner services so that you can avoid any expensive cooling issues down the road.