A type of mobile aerial working platform, or MAWP, a boom lift offers two great advantages for elevated jobs. Firstly, a boom lift can be raised up and down with ease—just like a scissor platform. In addition, this type of MAWP can reach outwards from its base to gain access to out-of-the-way locations in the air which cannot be reached from a position directly beneath. As such, boom lift hire is popular for all sorts of jobs, both indoors and outside. What are the chief reasons that people rent boom lifts these days?

Atrium Maintenance

Large buildings which have a multi-storey atrium need to be maintained for all sorts of reasons. For example, light fittings in hotel lobbies can often only be reached from a MAWP that can extend outwards in order to clean and to change bulbs. Atria also often have glass ceilings these days which need to be reached using a boom lift so that window cleaners can gain access to the underside of the panes.

Tree Pruning

Where other types of MAWP might cause damage to the roots of trees because of their weight, a boom lift can be used to prune trees from without this problem occurring. Because boom lifts can be set up a few metres away from the tree or trees that need to be accessed, they are much better for pruning rare, delicate or valuable trees.

Festive Lights

At holiday times, such as Christmas, many towns and cities decorate their commercial centres with catenary lighting which is strung from building to building. In order to reach the sides of buildings from the road below without blocking off pedestrian areas, boom lifts are often a favoured option. In fact, boom lift rentals tend to be at their busiest in the run-up to the festive season.

Exterior Painting

Giving a tall building a spruce-up with a new coat of paint is much easier with a MAWP than with scaffolding, as it causes much less disruption to those below. When the building cannot be reached from ladders or from scissor lifts, a boom lift makes the most sense. This sort of MAWP is also useful for buildings that don't conform to a standard structure, such as those with curves, since the lift can be moved into virtually any location needed.

Picking Fruit

At harvest time, few MAWPs offer the same sort of flexibility as a boom lift. They are ideal for fruiting trees, especially for those bearing soft fruits, because gathering from the ground can result in bruised produce. It is for this reason that boom lifts are often referred to as cherry pickers.