According to a survey by ANU, about 75% of Australians view homeownership as the ultimate dream. However, most Australians are reviewing the belief, and they are citing rising mortgage rates as the main reason. This is where container homes come in. Shipping-container homes are revolutionising how people view home ownership. Containers are a cheaper option, they allow for easy relocation, they are environmentally friendly, and the design possibilities are endless. However, before you start planning on building your dream home from a shipping container, you must consider a few things, some of which are highlighted in this post.   

Previous Use -- Shipping containers are used to transport all manner of cargo. This can range from hazardous chemicals to foodstuff. Therefore, it is essential to understand what a shipping container was previously used for. For instance, if a shipping container were used to transport petrochemicals, then it would not be the right choice for a house. Also, a container that was previously used to ship petroleum products would not be ideal for a green-energy enthusiast.

Transport -- If you are planning to build a home with multiple rooms from a shipping container, then you might require two or more. However, one crucial question that you need to ask yourself is how to get the shipping containers to your property. To answer the question, you need to understand that a standard 6 metre container weighs about 2,300 kg. You need the services of a transport haulier. Most importantly, transportation of a shipping container to your property is a cost that you need to consider and factor into the overall cost of building a home.

Contractor Choice -- The contractor you choose to work with is one of the most important decisions you need to make before building a shipping container home. The design of storage containers requires different modifications. For instance, it includes cutting out metal, bending and welding. Notably, the average contractor might not be able to handle shipping container customisations. For example, other than a metal fabricator, you need a contractor with expertise in finishing, electrical work and insulation, among other things. If you choose different specialised contractors to tackle the above services individually, it will cost you more. Therefore, it is best to work with a single contractor that can offer all shipping container customisation services at a consolidated cost. You will save money, time and end up with a unique home design.

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