You should think about hiring a scissor lift if you are planning on conducting construction, renovation or construction work at height n your building. Scissor lifts have a high altitude in comparison to ladders, and the equipment is safe for moving both people and tools. However, you should remember that these aerial lifts can also pose significant risks if used incorrectly. Here are some simple tips to help you avoid accidents when working on a scissor lift.

Check Your Workspace

You should make time to examine your worksite and identify hazards before you commission the use of a scissor lift on your property. If there are hazardous materials and obstacles on the ground, you might end up with an unsuitable worksite for aerial lift use. You should eliminate debris and objects which could get caught on the wheels of the equipment, causing an accident. In addition, you should ensure that there are no overhead hazards in your workspace. For example, trees and overhead electrical lines will pose significant problems and should be avoided.

Consider the Loads

You should not underestimate your load-bearing needs when hiring a scissor lift for your project. In simple terms, you should remember that the aerial lift has limited weight-bearing capacity. If the maximum weight rating is exceeded, the equipment will experience significant strain. The strain could translate in the breakdown of the unit or an accident. Therefore, you should discuss your loading requirements with your equipment rental company to avoid acquiring an unsuitable aerial lift.

Evaluate the Reach

You should not rent a scissor lift before confirming its maximum reach. Simply speaking, you should take note of the maximum height at which you can work when using different aerial lifts. If you choose a unit which cannot access the high place you need to work on in your building, you will need to extend its capabilities. For instance, you might need to open up the lift and raise it as high as possible when working to accomplish your purpose. When the lift is strained in this way, it will become unstable and might be topple over.

Provide Training

Your scissor lift hire should only be used by qualified or trained workers to avoid mishaps on the worksites. This type of aerial lift is quite simple, but it can be dangerous if the user is not trained to deal with unexpected situations. Therefore, both you and your contractors should have the right training before the at-height work begins to ensure optimal safety and maximum equipment performance.